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Want to live in Southern California, but fear the substantive cost of living? It does, after all, cost the same to rent an apartment as to pay a mortgage in many large areas of Southern California, like in the Inland Empire, Orange County, and Los Angeles. However, you can pay less than that rental fee by renting a three or four bedroom home in an area like the High Desert.

The High Desert is a great choice to live for the price, and the geographical location offers a variety of ways to commute to larger metropolitan areas for work and/or school. It’s amazingly close to other areas of interest, and the cities within the High Desert are all booming in population, making rental homes fly off of listings faster than you can call.

That is why you must stay on top of rental listings in the High Desert if you wish to live there. Check out the High Desert rental listings below to find the best options and areas!

high desert rental listings

Renting is a great choice for several reasons, and the High Desert area of Southern California is one of the best places to live, if you’re looking for affordable prices but still have access to central city locations. There are several major areas nearby, and the freeway grants access to the best locations on the West Coast.

Because it’s such a great area to live, it’s difficult finding rental properties in the High Desert area. Below, though, are just some of the best rental listings in the High Desert area:


The High Desert is perfect for potential students seeking a higher education in a variety of areas. There are several nearby major universities and community colleges within an hour’s drive, making that pursuit of education much easier.

Colleges in High Desert area have an unusual rule: if there are less than 65% of graduates unemployed, they will lose their accreditation. Because of that, many colleges help students find job opportunities when they are on the verge of graduating. Now universities have to arrange for job opportunities for their students and should make them settled in a job.

The majority of High Desert cities have a community college within a few miles. The Antelope Valley Community College is one of the major public two-year colleges which serves a variety of courses to the students around the High Desert area. Antelope Valley Community College has a great partnership with California State University Bakersfield-Antelope Valley, and many students transfer to the four-year school with ease. With this integration, a student can pursue a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. This college serves as a major source of education for Lancaster and Palmdale, Lake Elizabeth, Lake Los Angeles, Leona Valley, Littlerock, Quartz Hill and Rosamond.

There are also several nearby California State University schools, such as CSU Fullerton, Bakersfield, and San Bernardino, and all are close to the High Desert area. Many have even set up satellite campuses in the High Desert area, easing the drive for commuters.

There are several other universities which has opened a satellite campus in the High Desert area. University of Phoenix, University of La Verne, Chapman University, DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management, as well as CSU San Bernardino, has a satellite campus opened in the area. NASA had set up an Aero Institute in Palmdale Institute of Technology which offers high end learning facilities and distance learning courses through a number of universities.

The Lancaster University Center, Career Care Institute, Inc. and West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster are the various other universities which offer graduate and undergraduate degrees in Pastoral studies, evangelism, missions, church ministries, music, Christian education, youth ministry, and secretarial studies.

The best thing about High Desert Universities and Community colleges are their way of creating job opportunities for their students. The diverse education system of High Desert colleges provides a quality education for its students and offers a great chance of success in their professional lives.


Victor Valley and Antelope Valley covers the majority of the High desert region. The area covers a large portion of Southern California, which is located to the northeast of the San Gabriel Mountains. The High Desert area comprises of several public school districts, most of which are located in Palmdale and Lancaster, but every small city houses a highly-acclaimed elementary, middle, and high school. A large majority of High Desert workers are employed by the numerous school districts in these areas. Also, since High Desert cities are rapidly growing in population, the schools will be constantly increasing to accept the number of incoming students.

The largest school district in this area is the Palmdale School District, which has around 29 schools with more than 30,000 students. Lancaster School District, Westside Union School District, Eastside Union School District, Keppel Union School District, Southern Kern Unified School District, Muroc Joint Unified School District, and Mojave Unified School District consist of many of the school districts within Antelope Valley. Victor Valley also includes a number of school districts that are rated highly in testing and services.

The High Desert area houses a number of both public and private schools which covers the majority of education in the Southern California. The major private schools in the area: Abraham Lincoln High School, Paraclete High School, Bethel Christian High School, Antelope Valley Christian School, Desert Christian High School, Pearblossom High School, Desert Sands Charter Schools, Desert Sands Charter Schools, and Opportunities for Learning Charter Schools. These provide highly valued education experiences.

In the way of public schools, here are the most highly acclaimed: Antelope Valley High School, Antelope Valley Regional Occupational Program, Desert Winds High School, Eastside High School, Highland High School, Lancaster High School, Littlerock High School, Palmdale High School, Pete Knight High School, Quartz Hill High School, and Rex Parris Continuation High School. These schools not only teach academics to their students, they offer a variety of sports like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis etc. There has been a history of great sportsmen who came from this region.

If you move into the High Desert area of Southern California, you’re moving into an area full of history and recreational opportunities to keep you and your family entertained.

For example, the High Desert region is the most famous Hollywood shooting spot and it has featured in variety of movies and in television footage. Victorville, Palmdale, Adelanto, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Newberry Springs, Lucerne Valley , etc are the major attractions which are featured in numerous Hollywood movies.  Red Rock Canyon State Park and Victorville are the key places of High Desert region where movies like Jurassic Park, Westworld, Valkyrie, Jarhead, Face/off, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, etc has been shot and all became a major hit movies.

The nearby Southern California Logistics Airport has been featured in many of the dramas and movies of military genre. Amboy, Ludlow, and Cima are the key photographic locations, thanks to the vast beautiful desert landscapes.

When it comes to commuting for work, school, or play, the freeway access in the High Desert area provides endless and quick opportunities. You can find the Angeles Crest Highway, Antelope Valley Freeway, Tehachapi Freeway, Pearblossom Highway, Interstate 15, CA State Route 18, Interstate 40, U.S. Route 95, CA State Route 127, CA State Route 136, CA State Route 178, CA State Route 190, CA State Route 247, and U.S. Route 395. Simply choose a route and go, and you’ll find yourself in some highly-acclaimed area of California (or even Las Vegas).

The name of the region High Desert came from the higher elevations which distinguishes it from the Low Desert. The High Desert area is windier than the Low Desert region and is much colder compared to that of Low Desert.

Housed in the High Desert are major cities like Adelanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, California City, Hesperia, Lanchester, Needles, Palmdale, Ridgecrest, Tehachapi, Twentynine Palms, Victorville, Yucca valley, and more.

While many choose to commute to other locations for work, the majority of citizens work for educational services. Since there are numerous public, private, and higher education schools within thirty miles of the High Desert, there are opportunities for nearly everyone.

The name “High Desert” is deceiving: nearby, you can find snowy mountains for snowboarding during Winter, and there are beaches about an hour away. It’s centrally located in the heart of the best features of California!

Rentals go fast in the High Desert. The area is perfectly located in Southern California, next to freeways that can take you to every metropolitan area, local universities, and vacation spots. The neighborhoods are nice, schools are great, and the local higher education facilities offer highly rated services.

Because these properties go so quickly, it’s important to stay on top of the High Desert properties. Below you can find some of the newest listings for the High Desert area. Make sure to act quickly because they go so fast!

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